We Make Wah!

Embracing Our Heritage!

Client / Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

In Korean, “WAH” means “Wow.” That’s why every drive in a Hyundai inspires the feeling of WOW because the WAH factor in each of our vehicles is undeniable. WAH happens when we turn possibilities into reality. When we turn inspiration into innovation. Nobody does WOW like we do. Because at Hyundai, we make WAH. You drive it.

We saw an increase in all of Hyundai’s brand scores evaluated: Brand Familiarity (+4pts), Brand Opinion (+1pt), and an astounding 21% increase in Brand Consideration (+3pts).

“The idea of incorporating a piece of our Korean-ness into [the branding], but in a uniquely Canadian way, was of interest to us because it was going to help us be a little bit different, and we wanted it to stand out. We think our product lineup deserves it. Our brand deserves it.”

Christine Smith, Director of Marketing, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

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We Make Wah!

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