The Most Useful Shoebox in the World

Eliminating Waste and Creating the Ultimate Hiking Tool

Client / Merrell

Shoeboxes generate millions of tons of waste.

For Merrell, a company devoted to the outdoors, that fact didn’t sit well.

So, we decided to transform an ordinary shoebox into something that could go well beyond its original purpose, saving it from becoming waste or litter alongside the trails Merrell loves.

We transformed the packaging into something indispensable: an outdoor survival guide. Loaded with ingenuity and purposeful design, every component was crafted to prove useful in the case of misadventure in the wild. It includes information like what plants to avoid, how to find true north and calculate the amount of daylight left and can be used to fashion essential items like an emergency whistle, smoke flare or first aid sling.

By transforming a simple shoebox into something indispensable, Merrell is empowering customers to experience nature, while being mindful of the footprints they leave.

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