Hyundai Turn Around

The Hyundai brand reverses its fortunes

Client / Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

When you’re always on sale, people start to think that you have nothing worth buying. After a decade of sales events, promotional programs and deep discounts and incentives, Hyundai vehicle sales were on an accelerated decline. What was needed was a dramatic and fundamentally different approach to how Hyundai talked to consumers. We developed a fully-integrated creative campaign that reframed the perception of Hyundai vehicles as having it all – high quality design, feature-rich capabilities, innovative connectivity and safety technology and the flexibility to adapt and service any lifestyle.

It worked. Hyundai experienced an immediate turn around. In fact, the brand experienced a sales pace that was unprecedented; outperforming the entire Canadian automobile industry for twelve months in a row. By the numbers, single vehicle sales are up 11.3%, brand perception has improved by 530% and leads generated through website “build and price” were up 79%.

“We are continuing to see great success, but I believe the best is yet to come.”

Don Romano, President and CEO, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

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Hyundai Turn Around



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