Hyundai Hockey

Made for those that drive hockey

Client / Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

If there is one thing that unites all Canadians, it’s our collective love of the game of hockey. Perhaps that’s why so many brands in Canada rush to sponsor the sport. But we suggested Hyundai do things differently. Instead of slapping their logo on the sides of arenas or spending millions of dollars for the right to say that they were “official” sponsors, we focused instead on the role Hyundai’s vehicles played in making the game happen; the memories they played host to; and the countless of amateur and professional hockey careers they played a small but important part in helping launch.

In just the first year of the campaign online traffic to the Hyundai website was up 1731%, build and prices were up 31% and interest in the Santa Fe (a core model in Hyundai’s hockey-friendly SUV line-up) was up 33%.

“This campaign is helping to make us a big player in hockey in Canada.”

Vito Sacchetti, National Manager of Marketing Communications, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

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