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IWCa Wins Twice in Applied Arts Advertising Awards

The results are in for the 2015 Applied Arts Advertising Awards, and we are pleased to announce that IWCa has won twice!

The following commercials won in their respective categories:

Cycling Canada Hop On: TV – 30-seconds or less

“Hop on” is a rallying cry to inspire Canadians to get involved with cycling. IWCa brought this simple message to life through a unique visual: bikes that seemed to ride themselves. The film features riderless bikes that serve as an invitation and as a tool for our target to visualize participating in the six disciplines.

Hyundai’s H-Factor: TV – Craft Editing

The term “H-Factor” is used as a creative expression of the company’s drive to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations. It is the rush of emotion you feel when you experience the Hyundai brand. The spot features Hyundai’s design, R&D, quality, and technology set to the song “Radioactive” by the band “Imagine Dragons”, welcoming viewers to the new age of Hyundai.

The commercials can be viewed in Our Work section of this site.