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IWCa Wins Three Times in Applied Arts Advertising Awards

The results are in for the 2016 Applied Arts Advertising Awards, Canada’s premier visual communications magazine. We are pleased to announce that IWCa has won three times in the Photography & Illustration category for

  • Cycling Canada “Hop On”: Public Service/Charity Photography for both Single and Series.
  • Cycling Canada “Hop On”: Motion – 60-seconds

“Hop on” is a rallying cry to inspire Canadians to get involved with cycling. IWCa brought this simple message to life through a unique visual: bikes that seemed to ride themselves. The riderless bikes serve as an invitation and as a tool for our target to visualize participating in the six biking disciplines.

Cycling Canada is a non-profit national sport organization dedicated to the promotion of cycling in Canada.  Canada is a leading cycling nation, consistently celebrating international competitive success. Cycling Canada exists to achieve such world-class results by leading high performance programs and empowering the development of athletes in six cycling disciplines: Road Racing, Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, BMX, Track, and Paracycling.