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IWCa Launches New Guardian Angel Campaign

With automobile safety being top of news right now, INNOCEAN Worldwide Canada has taken a refreshing approach to the hot-button issue, with a humorous yet compelling safety-based campaign to launch Hyundai’s redesigned 2015 Sonata. The four-month national campaign, consisting of television, print and digital content engages consumers using fun instead of fear to highlight the vehicle’s advanced safety features that are so effective drivers don’t have to count on their guardian angel.

“Full credit to open-minded clients who had the courage to champion a truly big idea”, says Simon Duffy, Executive Creative Director at INNOCEAN Canada, adding “it would have been easy to resort to functional benefits and Real Time Bidding on this strategy”.

Ten-second billboards aired during Canadian broadcasts of World Cup games feature a guardian angel too consumed by FIFA fever do his job properly.  The accompanying 30-second TV spot has the tardy anti-hero appearing moments after a driver and his two children narrowly avoid a collision, thanks to the car’s warning system. Print and online banner ads, showcasing the Sonata’s front collision warning, lane departure warning, and blind-spot information systems, demonstrate the end result: an unreliable, yet lovable guardian who may soon be out of a job. At least unemployment has its perks, giving the Angel, plenty of time to post to his Twitter account throughout the rest of the campaign GuardianAngel @NotSoGuardian.