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IWCa Encourages Canadians to Hop On with Cycling Canada

“Hop on.” It’s more than a campaign line. It’s a rallying cry. IWCa’s new Hop On campaign is helping Cycling Canada challenge cyclists of all ages and abilities to embrace the sport and contribute to Canada’s reputation as a leading cycling nation.

The campaign began with the launch of an engaging new website, which featured cycling information, athlete interviews, merchandise, and instructions for how people could get involved. The site acted as the central hub that all campaign pieces would lead to, including web banners, nationwide press, posters in fitness facilities, and an innovative spot showcasing a variety of cycling disciplines.

“The campaign is about the exhilaration of being on a bike and enjoying the freedom and fun that comes with that,” said Curt Harnett, Canada’s most decorated cyclist. “The Innocean team has captured the fun and challenge in a unique manner that will allow Canadians to see themselves on the bikes – whether for fun or to pursue high level performances.”

The reaction to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, generating over 20,500,000 free media impressions in the first eight days, with 51% of visitors to the campaign website signing up to get involved. That’s a lot of hopping on.